Why choosing our company

    Today the offshore programming market is literally flooded with loads of propositions from various companies. So isn't it just natural when you our potential customer ask, 'Why should I place my order with this particular company?'
    Below some reasons are offered, which we expect to be helpful to you in making a happy choice of us as your new and long-term partner in the IT realm.

Why Russian company?


    Russia has a strong lead in number of technical specialists per capita. A great many of technical colleges and universities provide a steady influx of new programmers, engineers and technicians. Besides, a technical specialist, in whatever field he or she might qualify, is usually competent in some allied trades, which is one of the most distinctive features of Russian education. And variety of such technical qualifications, as well as total number of technical college graduates, gives a bona fide employer every chance to secure a good team skilled in various application areas. It would not be for nothing that Russian colleges have been staying in top ten of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest for the last ten years.


    Russia, among all competitors on offshore software development market, has a standard of culture which is the closest one to such Western. Thus, our customers have every reason to believe that all missions assigned will be comprehended and accomplished adequately.

Growth prospects

    IT outsourcing market in Russia has been growing rapidly through last years. Russian developer services are already in popular demand, including that from such majors as Intel, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Northern Telecom, Alcatel, Siemens, etc.


    Geographically, Russia is closer both to Europe and North America than most of other offshore development centers, too. It takes only two hours to fly from Central Europe and 9 hours from West Coast of North America. A difference between Western Russian and Central European time zones is mere two hours, while Russian and North American has just eight hours difference, which facilitates all contacts and decreases unavoidable risks of any offshore development considerably.

Why company based in St. Petersburg?

    St. Petersburg has always been and still is considered a cultural capital of Russia. There is no other Russian city, which can take its rightful pride in such a great number of technical colleges and universities. Both those colleges and a lot of hi-tech enterprises in and near the city, with their well-qualified staff, have originated a unique situation on a local software development market, which enables getting top-rank professionals involved in your project.

Why Petersburg Software Solutions?

    Whenever a company decides to turn to any offshore development service provider, it has to choose from a fair number of companies offering their services similar in every respect.
    Below we have listed some of our company's strengths and advantages, which we expect may interest any potential customer in our future cooperation:

Wide experience in working partnership with various clients

    Our company has wide and positive experience of working partnership with various companies based in Russia, Western Europe and the USA. Thanks to that, we can understand our customers better, which just contributes to our fruitful cooperation, whatever distance and time may be.

Process transparency

    Alas, any offshore development process often looks like a 'black box' into which the customer has to put his good cash now and then, just hoping to get some effect sooner or later. Such is a high-risk and venturesome way for the customer, while the effect is not always as was expected.
    Our company's style is that encouraging customers in keeping an eye on status and resource loading at each stage of development, thus enabling them to decrease risks of any default or total failure to perform and also ensuring them a strict conformity of final product functionality to their specifications and expectations.

High standards of software development

    Our company sticks to rules of overall accurate formatting and documenting of source code. Thanks to this, our customers can use results of the development at their own discretion and even without our support afterwards.
Furthermore, as soon as any development stage is completed the customer may have ready source codes supplied. Such measures decrease the risk of remote team development significantly. Even when no further cooperation is possible due to some force-majeure, the customer already having results of each complete stage can assign the work to another company, which may continue it using our source code and documentation and thus saving the customer unnecessary expenses.