From our experience we have listed here some general forms of cooperation, which had been made a practice of our company. If none of these seems convenient to you, though, please fell free to suggest any other form which would suit you fine, as we are always willing to discuss ways and means.

Pilot Project

    Quite often a prospective customer, having studied our suggestions at the web site and even got some further information from us, would be faced with a difficult choice. From one hand, our company can provide an ideal solution of his problem and seems all right to be done business with. From the other hand, however, as most of IT projects require substantial investments, who would entrust a project which could cost him a packet to a company just seeming all right? It is all very well to contact any trustworthy person who will give us a good reference, but what if no such person or firm within easy reach?
    If that's the case, you may use our Pilot Project service, which is a special customer program developed by our company just for enabling our prospective customers to appreciate our work with no risk involved.

    As a rule, the Pilot Project is a minor short-term project or just a part thereof implemented and submitted for your consideration. Time and results of such project, as well as our way of doing business in the course thereof, considered you can judge whether our tempo, quality and project management in general are OK with you. Isn't it a perfect way to find if we are worthy of your next and more sophisticated project to be committed to our care?

Main advantages of the Pilot Project:

  • No substantial investments required because of the Pilot Project short term.
  • Getting a common experience of the working partnership which can be useful in our further joint projects.
  • Customer's staff's getting experienced in software development and architecture while supervising the project in its progress.
  • Payment by actual results only.

    Our experts may help you to choose a problem to be solved within the scope of the Pilot Project from your business needs and possibilities of the solution's being used for any further projects.

    Average Pilot Project term is 2 to 4 weeks.

Single projects

    If your business requires some specific custom software, here we are at your service. Our company offers a complete turnaround of custom software: from the initial analysis and formalization of system requirements to the finished product commissioning on your site.

    This form of cooperation generally proves to be perfect for businesses not related directly to IT but demanding for new or upgrade of existing custom software.

IT Outsourcing

    This form of cooperation means your entrusting the whole software development to our company. Small and medium companies can thereby be introduced to a wide range of services in software development area, which would save them a lot of troubles entailed by building their own software development team with the entire proper infrastructure and most of development and maintenance costs as well.

IT Outstaffing

    This service may interest companies having their own IT departments already but short of qualified staff for the moment in time, or those which prefer involving experts temporarily in some project to taking them on the staff. If that's the case, we are ready to 'hire out' such an expert to you.