About us:

     Petersburg Software Solutions Laboratory (PSS Laboratory) is the team of experts in offshore custom software development, quality assurance and IT consulting services for Russian, European and North American markets.

It is our pleasure to help you to:

  • Reduce software development / quality assurance costs with no detriment to the product quality
  • Found a reliable long-term partner in IT realm
  • Expand your business by force of access to qualified resources

Our objectives

Best possible satisfaction of our customers' requirements.

    Being a good business partner to our customers through advantageous and comprehensive IT solutions, which contribute to maximum efficiency of their business.

Company's policy

  • Quality

        Quality control of our processes and solutions developed is the focus of our attention. Any project shall be brought up to the mark, so keep on working until all results achieved are in full conformity with customer's requests and needs!

  • Cooperation

        Each project is the result of developers' and customers' combined efforts. We believe that working partnership with our customer, as well as thoroughly coordinated team work, is the only keystone to high-quality final product.

  • Professionalism

        We are in constant search for new professionals willing and able to be in continuous skills training, which makes possible first selecting competent team members carefully and enjoying a healthy atmosphere of friendly however intense perfectionism afterwards. We welcome everybody's aiming at success and help each other to fulfill ourselves.

  • Advanced technology and best quality

        Our choice is innovative solutions of software development. Whenever matter of quality is involved, no tradeoff must be acceptable! Each solution as to software produced and technology applied, which may be offered to our customers, is based on the best expert evaluation.

  • Continuous progress and upgrading

        We aim at the search and implementation of most high-end up-to-date solutions, which is of vital importance in the IT realm. Persistent mastering of state-of-the-art technologies and monitoring of most advanced world's practice, that's what ensures our using most efficient tools and techniques to win our objectives.

Our team

    People who work for our company are high-school graduates and experts in information technologies.
    Most of our team members have their professional skills attested with world-renowned certificates, such as:

  • Microsoft

        We have a good many people in our company who have been certified by Microsoft and got Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.

  • Brainbench

        Our professionals have been certified for core technologies and qualified as Masters on a well-known international certification web portal www.brainbench.com.